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latin; “he is the one who follows the light of the stars”

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Castiel + text posts 

(everybody’s doing them so I wanted to try it too)

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Happy 40th Birthday, Misha Collins [20/08/2014]
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Have you read the Writing on the Wall series?? One of my personal favourites. Long, and it's sfb. While its *technically* a wip, the authors are just adding cute scenes and stuff so all the plot is done. And it has asexual!cas so you should like that

I saw the series at one point, but reading the author’s note at the beginning really turned me off of the fic. I don’t think it’s something I’d enjoy, but thank you!

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# I think I asked the authors about it# but wasn't really reassured# so it's not something I'm going to try reading# Anonymous# asks

Would you mind me asking what fic was amazing but had a crappy epilogue? I tend to prefer sfb fics, but they're obvi more difficult to find, so do you think I could possibly read it and skip the epilogue? Ahh I'm sorry I'm rambling.

I’ll tell you if you come off Anon.

(The epilogue is fine if you don’t mind DeanBenny, but to me it read a LOT like Cas was a rebound because in the epilogue, Dean was whining about Benny and what he could have had with Benny.

Yeah, Dean and Cas are totally epic romance and gonna stay together. *shakes head*)

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# I get irrationally angry over things I really liked turning out crappy# like 'I liked you do you know how rare that is can you plz NOT'# tbd# Anonymous# asks


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# seriously if you think that 9.03 was in any way remotely ok# if you have the gall to call it consensual# don't even effing talk to me# personal# tbd# god I thought I was over being this fucking pissed off about this# guess not# whoops# seriously if you think that was consensual you are a rape apologist no exceptions sorry

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# actually really pissed off right now# like angry to the point of getting really upset and crying# personal# tbd

Ack I did not mean to fall asleep for like five hours… I just meant to nap! >_<

I feel like I should attempt productivity.

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Whenever I write fic these days, I always find myself stopping to wonder, "is this safe for Booky?" I don't have any completed SFB fics, but I sort of hope that someday I'll end up posting something I could rec you. You always seem to be looking for new fics, and I'd like to be able to contribute someday...

Ahhh, this is so sweet! T^T *hugs tightly*

Thank you so much, bb. I am always looking for new fics~ (and yes, I totally do accept self-recs, for anyone who is wondering? It’s actually a lot easier when authors rec me their own things, since they can always answer any questions I have.)

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# I can't always read everything I'm recc'd# and sometimes it makes me feel a little guilty?# Anonymous# asks

i’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

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