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ok, looking at the time, I have to go to bed so I can get up for work in the morning. T^T

swapped shifts so I could fly out on Thursday, so now I’m working 9-530 tomorrow. Yay?

goodnight, dears, I’ll reply to messages in the morning!

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Cas doesn't really like sweets, but when he and Dean go out to eat, he still lets Dean order them desserts to "share". He always takes a bite, just to make it feel more date-like, but watching Dean devour the rest of the piece of pie happily is always the best part.

Cas does, however, really enjoy sharing milkshakes, because their noses almost constantly brush, giving Eskimo kisses, and he loves Eskimo kisses.

(Seeing Dean eating the pie comes in at a very, very close second, though, because he loves seeing Dean happy~)

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Castiel grew up in Heaven, surrounded by the bright forms of his angelic siblings. He has spent his entire life swathed in light, bright enough to cut through any darkness. He still thinks that Dean's smile is the most dazzling thing he has ever seen, and no burst of angelic light can ever compare to Dean's sparkling green eyes.

There is a kind of divinity in Dean, more than just Heaven’s plan, the Righteous Man, the Micheal Sword.

It is a divinity all Dean’s own and it is that which dazzles Castiel

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When Cas pulled Dean from the pit, Dean was terrified. All he saw was this enormous winged being covered in eyes and wings and radiating power. But then Cas laid his hand on Dean to pull him from the pit, and the fear dissolved into the most comforting warmth Dean had ever felt. Dean doesn't even consciously realize he does it, but sometimes he finds himself sidling closer to Cas, instinctively seeking out that warmth again.

And when Cas wraps Dean in his wings when they cuddle together at night, Dean feels like he’s found that warmth again.

It chases away the nightmares

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god i miss cas

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Oh oh soooo I was thinking more of my hs!sweethearts au and I was thinking of when they first got together and ugh just Dean trying to ask Cas out in freshmen year and fumbling with his words and Cas just knows what Dean is asking and saying yes before Dean can finish his…

"Cas, I’ve been thinking. Do you want- I mean, would you ever- I mean, me and you, maybe we could, um-"


"… You didn’t let me finish, how the hell do you know what I was going to say?”

Yes, I’ll go out with you.”

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happy headcanon hour

send me happy headcanons

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I am incredibly pleased with the paint I’m using

So pleased I almost don’t care that a light breeze has misted it over my laptop and keyboard. (no real damage as far as I can tell, but the keys now are flecked with minuscule dots of silver)

just… holy shit I hope this looks good on

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Hey there! I was just wondering, which pronouns do you prefer?

Thank you for asking!

I generally prefer gender neutral they/them pronouns (or ze/zir), but won’t be offended if you refer to me as she or him.

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