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You are one of my favorite writers and people. My headcanon is ace!cas as well and I agree 100% with you on it all the way. Same with season 9 and everything that happens. I can only read SFB fics also so yeah. But you're a great person and I love you and your blog an I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

OH and I’m ace too so I totally understand the issues there and yeah.

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Are you going to Chicon again this year? I saw you with a couple Castiels and a Dean last year, are you going with them?

Ah, I’m sorry!

I’d love to go. I really, really would, and had planned on doing Chicon after Dallas (it’s my home con, more or less, and I have a lot of great memories at Chicon, so it’s kind of a sentimental thing)

Misha’s autographs and photo ops were all sold out, though, so I’m not gonna go. >_< (I’ve actually kinda fallen out with that group of cosplayers, and would not be attending with them in any case.)

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Hey there um so i guess i can say that i like you?? I absolutely can not read cas/others and it has to have a happy ending. So i was wondering if you could give me some fics like that? I would be very grateful. Thanks ily

Hello, dear!

I have a list of fics on my sidebar (go to ‘list of fic I have read’) and they should all be safe for you!

off the top of my head, I recommend Apres, These Violent Delights, Pie Without Plot (warning: there is a scene towards the end of the fic where Cas flirts with someone to get information, but it’s very clear in the fic he has no interest in her, is doing it solely because it’s their best option, and is already in a relationship with Dean at that point and is very devoted), and hm… Our Small World is great, Face to Face With the Skies is awesome, and I’m sure there are a ton I’m forgetting

Do check out thekingslover’s work, and whelvenwings, and dreamedofwings! Their stuff all tends to be safe, though there might be a piece or two that isn’t. (They tag!)

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What sort of recs were you looking for? I’m on the road right now but can go through my bookmarks when I get home.

firefly124 said: Also, good on you for keeping clear boundaries and not letting some dickwad anon shit on them.

Thank you, bb~ *hugs*

I’m looking for Destiel fics with no Cas/other (not even a sentence about a past relationship or implication thereof) and a happy ending.

I realize these are really difficult to find and that I’ve read most of the fics in the fandom that fit the bill. Still, if anyone could help me find any fics, I’d be very grateful. (I can’t go looking for them myself, because by the time I’ve realized that a fic isn’t safe for me to read, I’ve already read the bit that makes it not safe and I’ve already gotten upset.)

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Oh wow, Anon, can you just… not?

I’ve blocked you now, hopefully it’ll take. (But yeah, no, asexuality isn’t something that is ‘cured’, just… wow.)

I’m sorry I was so out of line asking people to rec me fics that fall in line with my preferences. (Not write them, mind you, they did that on their own.) Forgive me for attempting to make this a safe space for myself.

Now kindly leave me and my askbox alone.

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boooops nose

u r cute

this isn’t wendy

imagine destiel eskimo kisses



asdfghjkl *snuggles*

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Misha Collins - VanCon 2014

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Anon Hour


I’ll answer any question I get right now. Nothing is deleted

(also a great time to just message me and start up a chat)

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*how do you feel about destiel, with poly!dean having another romantic relationship on the side?

Not a fan of it, tbh?

I know poly relationships work for some people, but it’s not something I really see for Dean and Cas

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