Truest Love

just think about s8

i miss s8 so much

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I'm terrible at talking to people to help them feel better and I don't know where to start but you're awesome and amazing and super sweet and I get happy when I see you on my dashboard

thanks, dear. *hugs*

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i feel really unwell right now. can someone please talk to me about happy things?

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An Asexual Interpretation of Castiel


I’ve been promising some friends (and myself) that I would write this meta one day soon, and I had some free time and the inclination, so I thought why not? This won’t be the most well-articulated thing ever, since I don’t usually write meta.

This meta will likely be fairly long, since I’m going to give a brief crash course in asexuality before moving on to why I think Castiel is asexual. Text may be slightly NSFW.

Without further ado~

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Some of you are really cool folks and stuff, but you sometimes reblogs from people who either harrased me or harrased one of my friends and it just, really stressing…

I’m making this post as a “please, like/reblog this post if it’s okay to adress this and let you know about this person”.

In the same way, if I ever reblog from someone who is known for doing terrible things, please let me know and I’ll keep it in private if that’s your wish.

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Send me UNPOPULAR opinions (or popular, it doesn’t matter) and I’ll rate them like this:

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

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Top five favorite foods!


1. Chicken pad thai (I would eat this every day for the rest of forever if I could)

2. Apple pie

3. Steak

4. Orange chicken/sweet and sour chicken/sesame chicken

5. Hamburgers

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top 5 au scenarios (and/or fics)?

Oh gosh, starting with the hard one huh? (omg, hm…)

I’ll do my favorite SPN fics~

1. Apres

2. PWP: Pie Without Plot

3. The Story of You and Me

4. The Prophet Must Die

5. Convenient Husbands

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Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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Pssstttt! You know you want a Castiel pop vinyl signed by Misha Collins! Especially one that’s benefiting such an awesome cause - one that Misha himself has partnered with in the past. The auction is through eBay GivingWorks, which verifies that 100% of the sale will go directly to the Art Creation Foundation for Children. 

Right now it’s going for less than the cost of an actual Misha Collins autograph ticket. Make Misha proud and go bid for charity!

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