Truest Love

I am going to go take a shower. And then I’m going to dress in my comfiest pajamas and work on my stupid finals until at least 10:00, sipping Castiel tea out of my Castiel mug and possibly grabbing my cookies’n’cream ice cream from the freezer because what are calories?

And then I shall reward myself by writing two drabbles for you lovely folks.

If anyone wants to send me messages of encouragement during that time, it would be greatly appreciated and will probably make me cry. Again. But a good cry.

You don’t have to, though! I’m sorry I’m such a whiny blogger.

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  1. librarian-in-waiting said: Good luck on your finals!
  2. spoopy3lene said: You can do it!! *breaks out the pom poms, does a little dance* I also approve of your Castiel tea and Castiel mug
  3. alsaurus said: I freaking love your writing so much. Do you have all your drabbles and fics and such in one place so I can feast upon your amazingness?
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